Saturday, May 12, 2012


Well here it is Saturday morning before Mother’s Day!  I am sitting in our little mobile in the mountains and thinking of my Lord Adonai.  If that name is not familiar to you, let me explain.  It is precious to me because it embodies all the aspects of God -  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!  It is the name of God that indicates that He is my Lord.  He is Lord of all in my life because I choose to allow Him to be Lord to me.

Mother’s Day!  For some there are many good memories and thoughts of love and blessing.  I also realize that for some it may be a painful day for whatever reason.  Some may have lost their moms and have no one to whom they can send a card.  Some may not have had a relationship with their mom that makes it easy to send a card.  I know that there are people who go to buy a card and cannot find one that really says anything they would be able to say to their Mom.

For those who fall into the second category, I offer this word of encouragement!  God wants to be El Shaddai to all of us.  That is His name for the nurturing aspect of His nature.  It means “all sufficient one”!  He wants to be the only One who can give us everything we need just as a healthy, happy mother provides for her young.  If you are one of the ones for whom Mother’s Day brings pain instead of blessing, may I suggest that you spend some time with El Shaddai today!  He wants to heal all of those hurts and give you what all of us need.  Unconditional love and nurture!

For those of you who fall into the first category, I encourage you to give thanks from the bottom of your heart for a mother who gave you life and love and express that love to her in some way.  Some of you may have other women in your life who have loved you for the Lord and have blessed your life in ways unspeakable.  Find a way to say thank you today to that person.  I did!

 I pray that each and every one of us may be blessed on this day when we celebrate mothering and the blessing of nurture!   Spending time with Adonai is the way I receive my nurturing!  You can do the same and I encourage you to do so today!  I pray that the Son of God is shining into your heart this day and lighting up your life with His blessings!  And may those be spread abroad in every possible way and place to nurture those who are in need of it today!


  1. I'm thankful for the relationship you and I have today Mom! Happy Mother's Day... I love you!!!!

  2. And that's a big ditto from me too. You are that little girl who grew up to be one of my best friends in spite of it all. I love you and am so proud of you! I'm glad you are having a Happy Mother's Day too.