Friday, June 29, 2012


Good afternoon blogger friends!  

Hope all is well with you all and you are surviving the heat wave here in the South.  I would like to introduce a new idea...Daily Drops of Living Water!.  I love blogging in the way that I have in the last 10 posts, but the unfortunate thing is that I don't seem to find the time as often as I would like to write such a lengthy blog and include beautiful and appropriate pictures as I really enjoy doing.  It grieves me not to be able to do that more, but "it is what it is" as the saying goes.  So, if you will bear with me, here is the first dose of Daily Drops coming at ya.

My reading this morning came from a devotional called Word for Today that is given out free at my church.  Over the last several years I have found it to be meaningful on more occasions than not.  The text was Ezra 10:4 "Rise up..take courage and do it."  This verse spoke to me where I am today.  There are many things calling for my time, energy and actions every day.  What will I choose today?  Today, for this moment, I choose to take the time to share my thoughts in response to this reading.

The topic was stated as "Commitment and Courage".  Commitment is a favorite subject of mine only I now think of it as Covenant!  But let's start with commitment!  Let me ask you, what are  you committed to in your life? Do you have a battle with carrying out your commitments?  Of what do the battlefields consist?  Do you question if what you want to do is the Lord's will or your own, especially when you experience such opposition?  

Let me personally respond to my own questions.  I am committed to doing what the Lord created me and put me on the earth to do before I am called to leave it.  I am not always sure what that is for a certain day.  That is why it is important to me to know what I am committed to and what is my "mission statement" for my life.  When I ran a ministry years ago, having a mission statement helped me to make so many decisions.  If it was in line with the vision, then it was open for consideration.  If it was not, no matter how worthwhile it was, it was not for us.

I do have a battle everyday carrying out even what I know I want to do that is in line with my personal mission statement.  One of those things is writing!  The battlefield for me is everyday situations like what might be happening in the lives of the people who are dear to me.  When these battles come consistently I do often question if I am trying to do something the Lord is not in and is He allowing me to be deterred.

So, I guess you are hoping I have an answer.  No, I don't!  At least not a simple one.  But picking up a daily reading that says "Rise up..take courage and do it", is an impetus to continue to pursue direction from the Lord.  Opposition does not mean that it is not the right thing or even the best thing for me or you.  It may mean the very opposite..that, in fact, what I am attempting is God's plan for me and it is being thwarted by an enemy who knows that and fears that I will accomplish my God-given task in spite of all opposition.  

I pray God that I will rise up and do it, whatever it is, and that you will too.  I invite my readers to share with us what your struggles have been and some of the answers that have come to you.  I'd love to hear from you and I know the other readers would too.  If you experience problems posting to this blog, please, take courage and stick with it until you are successful in posting!  

Blessings to all today!

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