Friday, August 31, 2012


ISAIAH 55:8  “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the Lord.”

Do you ever think about “God’s ways?”  For many years, it was not something that I gave very much consideration.  However, in recent days, my attention has been turned to this subject once again.  In Romans  11:33, Paul mentions that “His ways (God's, that is) are past finding out.”

The context of this scripture is about “unbelief”, the unbelief of the Children of Israel.  When the Lord led them out of their bondage and slavery, He assured them He had a land flowing with milk and honey.  Their behavior indicated their unbelief and they never got to go into that promised land.

God’s word says that He “brought us out to bring us in” (Dt.6:23)  When our situation becomes miserable enough, we become very invested in being brought out, but often are uninformed that He has a plan to also bring us in “to the land that he swore to give unto our fathers.”

If you are in a situation of misery today, know that you are not there by accident nor is it unknown to God.  Hear me, I do not mean God planned for you to be there.  We are usually in that situation due to our own or other’s unwise choices, and even though it may not be the place God would have us to be, it is still not unknown to Him.

He is definitely not delighting in our misery, even if we brought it on ourselves.  One of the ways of God is that He is always thinking good thoughts toward His children.  (Psalm 139)  Those of us who have parented or nurtured anything, even an animal, know that what we are invested in we are also hoping for the best for them and if it only depended on us and our resources that is how it would be - Best!

Some of us, acting out of our own thoughts and ways, would cut people off who displease us.  We would be smug and make statements like “you brought that on yourself.”  God is not like that!  He waits for us to turn to Him and immediately our deliverance is on its way.

He is delighted to lead us out of that place.  Those of you who may be somewhere unpleasant due to the choice of someone else, be it known that you are not a victim.  If you turn to God in your situation and give yourself to Him, He will lead you out and make you the victor!

Meantime, the question comes to me, “how do we learn God’s ways and begin to think God’s thoughts?”  The answer is same way we acclimate ourselves to anything.  We study that thing; we meditate upon it: we begin in any small way to apply the ideas behind it to our own lives.  Soon, we will find it becoming second nature to think in a different way and to act in a fashion that is in line with that thinking.

Believe God!  Over and over, from the beginning of His word to the end, He states what His will is and His plan for us.  It is for “good, not for evil”.  Jeremiah 29, and especially verse 11.  He promises that even after many years, He is still waiting for the opportunity to give us “an expected end.”

This “expected end” is part of our inheritance and because of our ignorance regarding its existence, we often fail to “possess our promises” and achieve God's expected end.  

My prayer for you today is that thee Son of God is shining in His full strength and power into your situation and revealing the places of darkness that may be unknown to you otherwise.  Many Blessings!

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  1. Oh YES!!! Believe in God! Believe in that Garden which He has made for you and which awaits your arrival!!! If we can only see it, then we can begin to believe in it :*)