Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Another day; Another rose!

Reading John 2 and Lamentation 3:21 this morning!  Here is my prayer....

Lord Jesus, I love the story of the Wedding Feast at Cana!  It was a new beginning for You because it was your first public miracle!  I remember Jack Taylor laying it out like this:  1.  The need was great;  2.  The supply was exhausted;   3. The people did what You said to do;  4.  They found that You had saved the best to last!  This is the story of my life.  At 75, I can say I am enjoying the best that was saved for me at the last!

Upon arising this morning, I started thinking about New Beginnings and my mind turned to Lamentations 3:21 where your mercies are new every morning!  I can only cry out, THANK YOU! for this mercy which has been new every morning of my life!  I thank you for your personal word to me recently. "You will never outgrow your need for grace!"   NEVER!

Grace is when we get something we don't deserve, like when You left heaven and
came to earth to make a way for us to be in right relationship with Father
through Your sacrifice for us on the cross.  Mercy is when we don't get
something we do deserve.  I deserved to die for my sins!  But as great as my
need was and is for Your grace and mercy, and as exhausted as my own supplies
are, that's how great Your love, grace, and mercy were and are to me everyday!

LORD, help me to walk in that love today!  Make me conscious of how loved I am
by You with every step I take.  Help me to remember the lesson of the wedding
feast and to look to You each time I feel exhausted by the constant needs which
are presented every day all day long!  When I fail to be all I could be, help me
to remember Your mercies will be new again tomorrow as every day!  And help me
to share this with someone else who needs to be reminded today!

Do you need a new beginning today?  Bring your need to Jesus and give it to Him.
Let's trust Him in His ability to meet that need beyond our wildest expectations!  
Remembering the Lenten Roses blooming at the side of my house tucked up under 
the Lorapedlum bushes, I recall that they are symbols of Your promise to us that 
You can make things new today and every day even after a long hard winter.  

Lord, help us all to think on and walk in that today!  

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  1. I think God reminds us of that verse when the Spring comes forth every year, "new each season" after the cold dark Winter. Thank you Lord for the Spring with its hope and promise!