Friday, April 20, 2012

Blogging for the First Time!

Here we go, off on another new adventure!  Blogging?  Who woulda thought?  Years ago before I was even on the internet, I said I would use the name if I ever should venture into the cyberworld.  That was about ten or so years ago and now, here I am today beginning a blog of my very own at the encouragement of my daughter who has her own blog, A Quilt & A Prayer.  She is teaching me how to do this as we speak.  That's the way the world goes round.  First, you teach someone something and then they come back and start teaching you things, like how to blog.

What a wonderful world!  I am looking forward to learning about this new world.

See ya soon!  Until then, may the SON keep shining in your world and fill it with His Light!


  1. Welcome to blog land Ms Sonshine! I look forward to reading what's going on in your life often!

  2. Hello, Teresa of Music City. I tried to answer this comment. Didn't work. Updated my profile. Take a look. I also plan to attempt to post another blog today. Blessings