Saturday, April 28, 2012


Have you ever thought about Jesus waiting for you somewhere?  We think in terms of us waiting for or upon God, but Isaiah 30:18 says He is waiting for us! “Therefore, the Lord will wait that He may be gracious unto you..”  He is waiting to extend some grace to you. He knows what you need today!  But you must come to Him receive it!

Imagine with me the woman at the well in John 4 that we talked about earlier.  She was on her way to the town well to get a bucket of water to get her through the day.  Little did she know that the Messiah was waiting there for her; yes, for her alone.  He made it clear that He needed to go by that well that day and it was because He knew that this lady really needed living water that only He could give.  Here is a visual for you.

 He is not waiting to confront you with your problems or your issues.  He is waiting to “be gracious”.   He is waiting to extend grace to you.  Grace has been defined in many ways, but my favorite is when we receive something we do not deserve.  Mercy is when you do not get what you do deserve, but grace is when God pours out on us something for which we would not even dare to ask.  But we must come!

Jesus wanted a personal relationship with that first woman.  He wants the same with every one of us.  He wants a very intimate and personal connection with you today, one that will meet the needs we try to get met in every other relationship we develop outside of that one with Him!  He wants us to seek Him first and then all the other things we need will be added unto us!  Matthew 6:33

So, close your eyes and imagine yourself trudging toward the town well for your daily supply of water.  Suddenly it occurs to you that the God of the whole universe wants to meet with you there.  It is as though the "Son" comes out from behind a cloud and the path lights up with a new excitement for you!  Your step quickens and your heart begins to feel anticipation of the encounter.  Your eyes begin to search diligently down the road, ready for the first glimpse of Him.  Ah, yes, there He is, waiting and watching for you.  He begins to smile and takes a step toward you.  You take it from here….What happens next?   This is your story...

It really is OK to fantasize about a meeting with Jesus.  I think that is why we have imaginations, although most of us either have never developed them or they have been used in inappropriate ways.  So whisper a little prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to assist you in this time with Jesus.  Write down what you say and what He says.  Ask Him a question?  He wants to tell you things that no one else knows but Him.  Ask Him how He feels about you?  Ask Him what He would like you to do today?  Tell Him how much you love and appreciate Him!  He is waiting!  For You!

Send me a comment about your encounter.  I would love to hear about it!  Even now, I am praying for you, the woman who is reading this today.  I am asking Jesus to reveal Himself to you in some new way that will change your entire picture of Him.  I know He can and will do this, for I am one of those women for whom He has done that very thing!   My life changed that day.  Ok, close your eyes now..


  1. Thanks for your encouragement !!!! and Help!! and love!!

  2. I am so glad that you let me know you're doing this. The LORD used you to make such an impact on my life and now others can have access to the wisdom HE has given you! LOVE TO YOU!!!

    1. Thank you Beauty. You were always such an encouragement to me as well. I would love to hear you sing one of your Impact songs. Keep singing. We, He and I, love to hear your voice.

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