Tuesday, July 3, 2012


So sorry, Blogger friends, for my absence the last few days.

We traveled uphome to the mountains on Sunday.   I have been “under the weather” with a throat condition that I understand many people have been having  in response to the ozone code orange which has been prevalent across the South in this extreme heat.  I also have been having difficulty with the internet connection. Very discouraging, all of it!  So this blog is about continuing even in the face of discouraging situations.

Therefore, I will continue my attempts to write today.  I just want to check in briefly and hope for better circumstances either tomorrow or the day after the Fourth.  We had a storm here in the mountains the other day with hail larger than golf balls.   My daughter got a picture of it.  I’m including a photo.  I think some damage must have incurred to receiving stations around here that might be interfering with internet availability.  But we will persevere to the best of our ability.

This is a lot like real life, I think.  We have the best of intentions and then life, real life, hits us whether we like it or not.  There are storms in life all the time between the times of sunshine.  Some of them are so minor we hardly notice and they don't slow us down a bit.  Others are like being rained upon by icy golf balls and we think possibly this time we might not make it.  We are sure we are going to die. 

Our kid's little three month old puppy was outside during this storm trying desperately to find a place to get away from that hail.  It was his first encounter with being bombarded from above.  I could only imagine what he was thinking.  Poor puppy!  Then I realized that I did know something of how he might be feeling.  This is what I was thinking. 

I really wanted to put in a picture of this adorable little creature, but again I could not download it or it never got to me.  Here's the pictures of our beautiful "Bo" and friends.

Many times we are hit for the first time with some experience in life and we scurry around looking for a place to hide all the while wondering what in the world is happening.  Where are our caregivers?  Where is God?  Why isn't He doing something about this?  Doesn't He know what is happening to us?  Or worse, doesn't He even care?  He could do anything; why isn't He doing something?  Have you ever felt this way?  I will certainly admit that I have.

Well, the puppy did find shelter until the storm passed and we, his caretakers, were inside watching him learn how to deal with hail.  His answer was found under the shelter of the nearest car where he was almost too big to hide, but he kept trying until he squeezed himself under it.  If he hadn't figured that out, one of us would have ventured out to bring him in to a place of protection.
We, his caretakers, could have and would have helped him, but he learned to help himself which is all a part of growing up for animals and humans, even children of God.  The key is learning where to hide…Ps. 91.. Under the Shelter of His Wings, and continue to rest there even when the sun is shining.

So, we are all in the continuing process.  Continuing to live and breathe and overcome the oppressive ozone surrounding us and continuing to learn to deal with new kinds of storms.  We continue on when the storm passes by and learn that we have survived the hail and the ozone and it is a new day.  I look outside and I see the sun shining on the grass and I am reminded that the Son is still shining in my heart.  I pray for all of us today in this continuing process of life even if the drops today come in the form of hail, golf ball sized pieces of ice, raining down upon us unmercifully.

And this is my prayer.  Numbers 6:23-27  "May the LORD Himself bless us and keep us and may He make His face/SON to shine upon us and be gracious unto us;  May the LORD lift up His countenance upon us, and give us His peace which passes all understanding. (Phillipians 4)  And may His name be upon us as His children and may we know that we will be blessed by Him."  (Liberties taken by Me, Sonshine.) 

Let us continue to walk today in His blessing no matter what the course we may have to travel or what kind of drops come our way!


  1. Oh my! What a beautiful post today!!!! It brought tears to my eyes! It is such an appropriate picture of what many in our family have been going through recently. I'm so glad you are feeling better :*)

  2. Thanks Terrie as always! We are not only experiencing those storms but we are surviving those storms and growing through them all. Many blessings today on us all.