Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Returning to Our First Love

 Guess what?  It is snowing again!  I could not help but think that the Lord so enjoyed my blog about the peace of the snow, He just decided to “do it again!”  That’s some real grandiosity, I know, but I have come to believe that my God really does know me that well and cares about every little thing in my life.  Scripture says He knows how many hairs are on our heads. (Matthew 10:30)

Have you ever tickled a little one and had them giggle with delight saying “Do again, Momma, do again?”  I bet every one of us has a sweet memory of that tucked somewhere in the back of our minds or hearts.

Recently, I have been asking my Lord to “do again” in my heart the work that He did in the beginning.  What I have heard is for me to “do again” the things that I did in the beginning.  That’s what Jesus told the church at Ephesus who had “left their first love”.  He instructed them to “remember” and “repent”.  (Rev. 2:4 ,5) 

I have repented of not paying the attention to the Lord that I did in the beginning of our love relationship.  Oh, it’s not that I had stopped reading my Bible, praying or otherwise going through the motions because I have continued to do those things.  But, when I “remembered” how it had been at times in the past, I know that in my busyness somehow He slipped out of first place in my life.  And by this I mean Him, relating to the Lord Himself personally!

Sometimes we do this to people that we love too.  We don’t mean to do it and it is so subtle that we almost miss it.  But we stop paying attention in that way that means so much to the recipient.  Oh, we are still around; we are still talking and doing things together, but that intense interest has waned, and at the same time the fire and passion of the love is being diminished like embers dying in an unattended fireplace.

Well, you may be saying that happens to everybody as time goes by and you would be right, but my question is does it have to be that way?  My answer is no!   Not with the humans around us and not with the Lord!  As we turn again and do the things we did at the beginning, it can be like blowing gently on those coals which are dying.  They will begin to glow again and can even burst into flame pretty quickly!

Do you have a relationship that needs some new life breathed into it?  Stop and ask yourself what you did at the beginning and do it!  I have found this to be amazing as I have chosen to spend time with the Lord Himself over all other things, just sitting and paying attention to Him telling Him how much I love Him and how I missed Him.  

This is very different than just saying we are sorry.  It is not just asking forgiveness for my inattentiveness, but actually “doing again” the acts of love I did at the beginning.  He comes to be with me and lets me know that He missed me too.  May I encourage you to breathe some life into your relationships today!  It will be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do!